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Special Blog:  (Last Road: July 31, 2014 - Hwy. 1, Pacific Coast Highway - north bound)
My Roads (list of diary), visual diary on the road trips with android apps usage during the trip.
New update on android apps.
Dashboard Cam On Top Servie (always on top over other apps)
Camera Remote multiple remote camera control information.
Download Camera Remote PC (V8, Multicam Support)
*** Camera Trigger Camera Hide Service *** (Lock Screen Hide Option)
Camera Remote PC SYNC (Simultaneous Photo or Video Command to multiple cameras)
Android Dashboard Cam GPS Data Viewer (Play Recorded GPS Data)
Load and play recorded GPS data from Dashboard Cam Android App.
Recommend to use Chrome Browser
Lat:   Lng: 
To start play, click the "PLAY" button.
PLAY SPEED >>> 1X  2X  4X  10X  15X 

Load and Play GPS data and Video files from local computer.
Files are located at the Dashboard Cam record folders.
File extensions are '.gps' and '.mp4'. (example: Rec-2013-06-26-14-30.gps)

The previous version of Dashboard Cam video files may not be loaded. (New Ver.: after Jul. 24 2013)
Please use latest version of Dashboard Cam Android App for video recordings.
Or, try to encode the videos to HTML5 comaptible format by using video convert applications.
Step 1:  GPS Data File
Step 2:  Video File (in same folder)  
Step 3: (After load, please click the "PLAY" button.)