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icon Dashboard Cam
Dashboard Cam GPS Data Web Player
Play recorded dashboard cam video and gps data on the web page.
Dashboard Cam on 25,000 + miles of road trip (USA) - View on YouTube
  • Version 6.0.4 Information (published at Jan. 31, 2016)
    • WiFi remote screen sharing mode added. (beta)
    • As screen sharing mode is still in the beta status, the WiFi connection may show some issues after initial connection has lost.
    • If WiFi mode connection shows problems for re-connection, try to switch connection mode to bluetooth and then back to wifi mode to refresh the app settings. Or, restart the apps especially for the cast mode device.
    • Desktop PC version application is available to download.
    • Android app version: 6.0.4 or above is required to use PC application.
    • Download Remote Display PC Application: AndroidRemoteDisplayPC.zip
    • Unzip the file contents onto the folder, then click the execution file. No setup required.
    • Microsoft .Net Platform 4.5 or above is required.
    • WiFi Mode (pc application) issue note: To reconnect to android device after disconnection from PC application, try to restart the android app. This issue will be fixed in the next version.
  • Version 6.0.2 (6.0.3) Information (published at Jan. 27, 2016)
    • Remote screen sharing mode added. (experimental)
    • Share android screen to the other android device. Cast Mode device requires Android 5.0 and above.
    • Please consider to USE LOWER QUALITY sharing when cast mode is started.
    • App uses bluetooth connection, it may gives some delays on the remote view.
    • More functions will be added in the future updates.
    • As only tested on the Nexus devices, other brands devices may have issues; please report me the issues.
    • Dashboard Cam Dashboard Cam
    • Dashboard Cam Dashboard Cam
  • Version 6.0.1 Information (published at Nov. 21, 2015)
    • On Top Service update with Screen Recording option.
    • Minor UI (user interface) update.
    • Dashboard Cam Dashboard Cam
    • Dashboard Cam Dashboard Cam
  • Version 6.0.0 Information (published at Oct. 24, 2015)
    • Image and overlay mode video orientation issue update.
    • Update applies to the devices with camera sensor reverse-landscape modes; (Nexus 5X and others)
    • Manual Image Flip option is available at main and video overlay modes..
    • Dashboard Cam Image Orientation
  • Version 5.9.7-9 Information (published at Oct. 01, 2015)
    • Screen Capture Mode with video and sound recording. (requires Lollypop)
    • Screen record quality option is added on Version 5.9.9
    • Screen Capture (Cast)
    • Screen Capture (Cast)
    • Screen Capture (Cast)
  • Version 5.9.5 Information (published at Sep. 05, 2015)
    • New video loop record option (Settings)
    • Saves only the last session video file until user manually stops the recording.
    • Good option for the devices with limited storage capacity.
    • The GPS files will NOT be removed from recording.
  • Version 5.9.4 Information (published at July. 08, 2015)
  • Version 5.8.8 Information (published at June. 10, 2015)
  • Version 5.8.6 Information (published at Jan. 27, 2015)
    • Video overlay recording mode (beta)
    • Record mode for the video overlay; gps details overlaid on the video.
    • Currently in beta version, and requires the android devices with Jellybean (SDK 18) or greater.
    • Video encoding functions are based on the android open source Grafika.
  • Version 5.8.5 Information (published at Jan. 20, 2015)
  • Version 5.8.4 Information (published at Dec. 21, 2014)
  • Version 5.8.1 Information (published at Nov. 06, 2014)
    • New UI update for easy navigation.
    • Better performances and app usages.
    • Some bug fixes.
    • NOTE: if error is occuring when open app settings
      • 1. Go to android system settings, and select apps.
      • 2. Open Dashboard Cam, click the "Clear data" and "Clear cache".
      • 3. Or, unistall app and install again.
      • The error may cause on some devices, because this version has new App Settings.
Download Dashboard Cam from Android Market
Download Remote Display PC Application: AndroidRemoteDisplayPC.zip
NEW: On Top Servie (always on top over other apps)
Dashboard Cam On Top Service VIDEO DEMO
GPS Web Browser Player
Dashboard Cam Widget Demo Video (YouTube)
OBD2 Mode Information
Remote Control Information
External GPS Usage
Dashboard Cam Visual Help (New Version 5.x)
App Description
Dashboard Cam - Widget, Compass Map, GPS Data, Remote Controller, External GPS Support

Main Record Modes:
* Video + GPS
* Photo + GPS (Map and Speedo Overlay)
* Widget: GPS

Dashboard Cam allows the users to record video or take photo snaps in full screen camera images along with map compass and GPS speed information, and find out your driving statistics with GPS data recordings. And app could be used as car blackbox purposes.
What's New
GPS Data Web Browser Player
OBD Mode for vehicle speed, rpm, and temperature. (See Help OBD Mode for more information)
Google Map 2: Off-line Map and 3D View support

*** Video Record Tip: try to Turn-Off Map display (Wifi or Mobile Data connection) while recording in session if device shows error. Component Size and Move Note: Long Press (speedo, time, status, zoom, record button, translucent map), Double Tap (map)
Dashboard Cam Widget
OBD2 Mode Video
Android KitKat Screen Record Sample